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We can generally treat all men, with all skin types and all hair growth on any part of the body, but there are a few exceptions.

IPL laser hair removal may not be suitable for everyone. Those with light fair may not respond well as the level of pigment in the hair does not effectively conduct light energy, whereas those with very dark skin may be at risk of absorbing too energy due to the high level of pigment in the skin.

Skin Types For IPL Laser Hair Removal

We use the industry-standard Fitzpatrick Scale to assess your skin type; we treat the following types:




The table lists the full description of each skin type. If you have very dark skin, your skin has a higher risk of absorbing too much light and overheating or causing complications, as it has a high concentration of pigment.

Since the skin will be absorbing light energy, you should avoid having treatments if you have recently tanned or are taking medication that makes you photosensitive. Your Dermo Men operator will check all of these things but be sure to mention any medication you may be taking, including prescription, over the counter and herbal medicine.


Hair Types For IPL Laser Hair Removal

Since IPL laser hair removal uses light energy to target hair pigment, it works best on hair that is dark as the pigment concentration in the hair is high. Blonde, red, grey and white hair may not respond well as the level of pigment in these hair types is limited. Thicker hairs also respond better than finer hairs as there is a larger volume of pigment in thicker hairs.


We are likely to be able to treat you if your hair colour is darker than your skin tone. The wider the colour gradient (or colour difference), the more effectively you will be treated.

Our highly trained team will conduct a thorough assessment to see whether you are suitable at the consultation.

Overall, the area you want hair removed should be healthy, clean, and have no broken skin or infection. Our highly qualified operators will go through your history to ensure you have the best possible results.

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