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Shop - Essential Items

The following products are highly recommended to help you get the best out of your treatments. Please collect them at your next session.

Aloe Vera Gel

After your session, your skin has received a lot of heat. You should cool your skin with Aloe Vera gel to normalise your skin as soon as possible.

£ 9.99 | 200ml



Once a week, you should exfoliate the skin to remove all the dead skin and hairs that have been treated. This will leave your skin cleaner, fresher and smoother. Available in Summer Fruits and Coconut.

Out of Stock


Sun Block SPF 25+

Between treatments, you should apply a sunblock with an SPF 25+. We cannot treat you with an active tan as there is a higher chance of your skin over heating. Keeping your skin tan-free will give you the most effective results. UVA 5 star (ultra) rated. Available as a lotion and spray.

£ 7.99 | 200ml


Veet Hair Minimising Lotion

We recommend this lotion due to its great results. This is an optional choice, but will help you gain the smoothest possible skin. Contains Veet ProMinimise and is validated by the British Skin Foundation. Available in Normal (with Aloe) and Sensitive (with Vitamin E).

Out of Stock



BakBlade 2.0

As clients need to shave the area before treatment, clients having treatment on the back find this very useful if not opting for our pre-shave service. Click here for details and reviews on Amazon. Promotional price of £29.99 through us (collection in London only).

£ 34.99 £29.99 | Per Unit


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